Little Citizens of the World

Noumea, New Caledonia

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Noumea was the most ‘modern’ stop we’ve been to since Honolulu.  It was very pretty, very hot too.  There was a nice market in town with everything from food to used books to remote-controlled airplanes.  French is the language here and since we don’t speak French, there was a lot of charades happening in the local shops.

We were able to stop at a supermarket and get a few snacks before getting back on the ship.  The kids each got a kids magazine, which was in French, but they enjoyed looking at the pictures.


At the end of the market area there was a stage.  A group of woman sang traditional songs while a group of about 8 men in tribal costume prepared to dance.  A woman on stage explained, first in French then in English, that this was a traditional welcome song for the people coming from the ship.  It was really neat, I wish I had some audio from it, but pictures will have to do.


Traditional Dancer

Welcome dance

Welcome dance


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