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G’day Sydney!

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Sydney Opera House

We arrived in Sydney bright and early this morning.  And by bright and early, I mean 6am!  I had visions of myself standing out on the deck taking in the sights as we glided quietly into Sydney Harbour.  It was not to be.  Instead, I peeked out our stateroom window as we came along side Harbour Bridge to dock at Circular Quay (pronounced key).  The kids slept until after 7 and we had ordered breakfast in our rooms the previous night so at 7:30am it arrived and we had a leisurely breakfast in our rooms.  No rushing to find an open seat in the dinning room or having to get up 5 and 6 times because I forgot something.  It was perfect.  Besides, what could I have taken pictures of in the dark anyway!

We spent a lovely morning in Sydney, walking around the Quay to the Opera House for the token tourist photo.  Then into town just a little to some of the shops.

Not a great shot but there they are together!

It was sad getting back on board for the trip up to Brisbane as all of our friends had disembarked in Sydney to continue their travels elsewhere.  We were staying onboard for two more days to Brisbane, which was actually part of a larger cruise that circumnavigated Australia.  Now that would have been neat.  But we had a house to get to and needed to get settled after such a long voyage.

If only we had left just five minutes later, we would have had the most beautiful sunset over the bridge and opera house.

Sunset over Sydney


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