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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

So today is Thanksgiving day back in The States.  Actually, it’s still yesterday there but you get the idea.  Here, it’s just another day, which is kind of sad.  I know Thanksgiving has the whole pilgrims, Plimoth Rock, yay America as it’s basis but it’s one of those holidays that everyone should celebrate.  It’s the one holiday that doesn’t have any commercial hangups, unless you count the large amounts of food people buy.   It’s a day for getting together with your family, eating until you’re as stuffed as the turkey and watching either football or Christmas movies.  I choose the Christmas movies!

In our family, it’s also the day we always put up the Christmas tree!  I love that, the turkey in the oven making the windows fog up and smelling so yummy, all the boxes pulled down from the attic filled with sparkly goodness and the kids fighting over whose ornament is whose.  Then crying because one sister already put ‘her’ ornament onto the tree and even if you take it off, it doesn’t help because there are no do overs with Christmas decorations.  Ahhh, the holidays!

Well, I may have already mentioned this, (I don’t know and I’m not going back to check) that I don’t have an oven.  So today, it’s more or less like any other day.  We put the tree up two weeks ago because I was feeling sad and needed some holiday mood building.  It made the kids happy too.  They don’t care when they decorate the tree, as long as they know Santa’s coming soon.  It does look really nice though, and I like to sit with just the tree lights on at night while I watch tv.  I can pretend I’m in the northern hemisphere because it’s too dark out to see the palm trees and all the parrots have stopped squawking until at least 4am.

Today, we watched some cartoons on the couch before breakfast.  Then they played with plastic dinosaurs and playdoh while I looked up online stores so I can get some Christmas shopping done, as I won’t be able to do it with them with me like I did when they were little and oblivious to what was in the cart.  The good ole days!  They wanted almond butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, just like everyday, and I had my third cup of tea.  I was going to cut up the whole chicken I bought and put it in the saute pan but I got too down about it.  The kids just go with the flow but I’ve had years of tradition.  This is the first Thanksgiving, I haven’t been home.  Not that I want to be home, dear god no!  But it would have been nice, for our first Thanksgiving, as our own little family in a foreign country, to have a bloody OVEN!!!

So here I sit, at the computer, eating chocolate because chocolate heals all.  I offered to put on a new Christmas movie that I bought for the girls and they said no they wanted “this one!”,  Scooby Doo Zombie Island.  Excellent holiday choice girls, that ought to put everyone in the spirit.

Well, wherever you are in the world, Happy Thanksgiving!


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