Little Citizens of the World

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“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” ― Alice in Wonderland

Wow!  It’s been a while!  Unfortunately, internet on the ship is useless and there is no internet access at all on Amtrak so I was unable to update during our travels.  We travelled almost the same route back with only one or two changes.  It was incredible fun and we’ll never forget it!  I still can’t get over the fact that we went to Australia!!  And we lived there!! Who does that?  It’s crazy!  What an amazing, life changing experience.  If you ever get the chance to travel, take it.  Make it work.  You will never regret it.


My brother picking us up at South Station Boston at 11:15 pm

We made it home safe and sound and had a fantastic time along the way!  I would have updated sooner, but it’s taken a bit to get used to what season we are in and what flowers and trees had already passed and which haven’t yet.  I was so disappointed after waiting over 2 weeks for the lilacs to bloom only to find out we’d missed them by days!  Noooooo!!  Anyway, although I have unpacked everything and tried to jump back into normal life with our homeschool friends, I have also been trying to sort out the next exciting adventure for the Little Citizens.


Glad to be home, relaxing with friends

It is my hope that we will be travelling to Ireland, via the UK, this summer!  The Queen Mary leaves New York July and August on it’s transatlantic voyage to Southampton.  Hopefully, we will make one of those ships.  If not, we will have to wait until September and I really don’t want to do that.  So I have been desperately searching holiday rentals (as there is only a 3 month visa – no exceptions) trying to find one that is inexpensive and doesn’t require a car.  I don’t mind renting a car but, like Australia, I’d like to be able to walk the area and get used to it before I hop into more “keep left” traffic!

So here we are, enjoying the beginnings of summer…again.  This is our 3rd summer in a row.  We’ve actually been wearing flip flops for more than 12 months straight!  I’m looking forward to Autumn though.  I really missed it last October as we headed to the zoo for Halloween in 85 degree weather!  I know, some people think I’m nuts to miss the cold but I do.  I love the change of seasons and the beginning of all the holidays.  At least they have Halloween in Ireland!  There won’t be any Thanksgiving but I’ll have that anyway.  Of course, Christmas is big there too, which it wasn’t in Australia.  I’m really looking forward to the next big adventure.  Ireland, here we come!!!    ….I hope.