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Plans for the next grand adventure are already in progress!

We have crossed the United States and the Pacific Ocean and now we will be heading in the opposite direction.  We will soon be crossing the Atlantic to explore the British Isles and Ireland!  I am so excited!!  We will be crossing the ocean by ship again, but this time it will only be about 7 days as opposed to the 23 days it took to cross the Pacific.  Of course, there isn’t as much to see on this crossing.  There are no tropical, white sand beaches with swaying palms between New York and the UK.  There are more tropical routes that meander along the coasts of Spain and Portugal before stopping at the cooler ports of the UK, but they are a bit more expensive and I simply can’t do that at this time.

So the planning continues as I am still looking for rental properties that don’t require year long leases.  I’m finding this slightly more difficult than I had anticipated.  I am also not planning on buying a car, as I had in Australia.  We will be on a 3 month tourist visa while we await permission for an extension from the Immigration Department, so if we need a car, we will rent one.  Hopefully, we will find a suitable rental in one of the many incredible cities and can use public transport, as well as foot power, to get around!

For now, I am spending a few hours a day searching trains, buses, passes, hostels, hotels, attractions, rentals, etc. trying to get all of the many connections lined up.  In between, I talk with the kiddos about all of the amazing things to do and see in New York City!  We have never been there and it WILL BE incredible!  We are also reading some very cute books.

New Yok -Blog

Kaite in London- Blog

Ireland -Blog

(Some of the books we are reading)

The girls are desperate to see the crown jewels in the Tower of London!  Oh my gosh, the excitement of all of this is bubbling out of my ears!!  I’m taking my daughters to LONDON!!!!!!  I spent a month in London, back in my college days, with my best friend, Kate, we had a blast!  We were actually there doing internships during the week but I tell you what, we made the most of every spare moment we had.  I can’t wait to share that giddiness of seeing Tower Bridge or Scotland Yard with my girls.  It’s going to be amazing!

Here’s hoping the perfect apartment pops up soon.  I will continue searching, I know it’s out there just waiting for us to find it!  The universe always provides.


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