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Time to say goodbye

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When the visa is up, you gotta get out!

We sadly said goodbye to our beautiful friends today and will take a cab tomorrow morning to the bus station. We are looking forward to being home for Christmas but we will definitely be coming back to Ireland as soon as we can.

About our return trip…  It’s going to be amazing!!!  We will take the ferry to France and then a train to Rome where we will board our favorite cruise line, Holland America, on an amazing adventure through the Mediterranean Sea, out through the Straits of Gibraltar and across the Atlantic to the Bahamahs before disembarking in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  We will then take a train from there up to Boston and a short trip from there home.

This trip will be an incredible experience for me, but I cannot wait to experience it through my children’s eyes.  World schooling is such a learning experience.  It can’t be beat.


River Lee, Cork Centre

River Lee, Cork Centre





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