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When in Europe

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So in Europe, you have to specify if you want an all female sleeping car.  Seems strange, right?  But in Europe, it’s no big deal.  So we arrived at our 6 bunk compartment which we would be sharing with a French woman who was extremely pregnant and spoke no English, A 20 something Pakistani man and a 50 something-ish Egyptian man who spoke minimal English.  As an American who’s used to privacy, I was completely not feeling this situation.  But as a traveler who has always experienced the best of humanity, I sucked it up.  And do you know what, it was lovely.  Granted, there was a lot of uncomfortable silence as no one spoke each others language, but we all went to bed early, so that helped.  The Egyptian man helped pull the bunks down for everyone and he and the other man slept on the very top, so we could use the lower ones.

I barely slept as I was a little cold and the blanket they give you is the size of a tea towel.  Also, I was worried the girls would be up in the night.  They slept like logs.  I do remember looking out at one of the midnight stops and seeing that the name of the station had a little crown over it.  We were going through Switzerland!  It was only for a second and all I could see was a concrete platform, but I saw Switzerland!  So I tried my best to get some sleep after that, as we had a 6am transfer in Milan.


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