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Another tiny blessing in disguise

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We missed our connection due to our train arriving late in Milan.  I was slightly relieved as I only was going to have one hour to get the subway with all of our things to the other station where our connecting train was.  (I was remembering the feeling of dread in Paris before my angels arrived)  So we got off the train, I went up to what looked like an information booth and explained in broken English where I needed to go.  I handed them my ticket, they looked it over, stamped it, pointed to track 11 and said, “that train is going to Roma at 8”  I looked at my watch, 7:55.  “Lets go girls!”  I yelled as I thanked the man and we jogged from track 6 to track 11.  I tossed the kids on, heaved up the luggage, stroller, backpacks and doll stroller and hopped aboard.  The train was immaculate, quiet, and had huge comfy seats.  The car was almost empty, so I didn’t bother with seat numbers, I found a seat and sank into it.  I had only had about 3 hours of sleep on that overnight train and I was looking forward to a nice nap.  I didn’t get the nap, but I did get to rest and I smiled the whole way thinking about how everything had come together.

So another glitch that worked out better than the plan.  I was going to have to transfer through subways to get my train and because we arrived late, I was able to simply walk 20 yards along the platform and get a wonderfully comfortable train that arrived in Rome just one hour later than my original train.  Life always works out.


Italian countryside




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