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I had really wanted to take a picture of Sky on the Spanish Steps dressed like Audrey Hepburn in the film Roman Holiday, I had the outfit picked out and everything.  However, I wasn’t sure what time the ship left so I decided we’d better get to the cruise terminal sooner rather than later.  The terminal at Civitaveccia is about an hour away so we got a cab, set up by the hotel and were on our way.

One of the things I love about cruise ships is they take your luggage immediately, you don’t have to carry anything. After lugging all of those bags all over Europe for 3 days, I was glad to be rid of them.  So we went up to security with just our backpacks and Sky toy stroller.  As I laid everything out on the conveyor belt, one of the security guards came over and, smiling, picked up the wooden toy sword I had bought for my cousins son.  He asked another guard if it was ok and he shook his head.  The guard with my sword laughed and said, “what do you expect from Rome!”  I laughed and said, it’s ok right?  He said they’d have to hold it until the end of the trip.  So I had my wooden toy sword confiscated at the terminal.  It’s fine though, I can pick them up at the front desk before we disembark.

It turns out, the ship leaves port at 6:30pm, so there would have been time to stop at the Spanish Steps after all.  Oh well, maybe those pennies thrown into the Trevi Fountain will work and we’ll return to Rome again one day.


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