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Naples, Italy and Herculaneum

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What an incredible day!  Our first stop onboard the Maasdam is Naples, Italy.  Naples is the largest port in Italy south of Genoa.  I am positive there are some gorgeous parts of Naples, but the port is not one of them.  In 1945, Naples was heavily bombed and as a result, many of the old buildings have been replaced with rather ugly cement structures.

I signed us up for several shore excursions along the way home.  Today we went to the ancient city of Herculaneum.  It was buried by lava flow when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79AD.



Because it was covered in lava, much more of the structures were preserved than in the city of Pompeii, even though Pompeii is more well known.  It was very surreal to walk the streets and enter the houses where Romans had once lived.

Boat houses where many villagers fled to during the eruption.

Boat houses where many villagers fled to during the eruption.

I have so many pictures, I wish I could post them all.  The wood was preserved and petrified by the lava flow and so there’s a lot of structure still remaining.  These wine jugs are still sitting up on shelves waiting to be filled.


Wine jars

We had an approximately 2 hour tour of Herculaneum and it was a little hard to keep up as our guide was moving quite fast.  Most of the people on our cruise are older people and the rocky terrain is not always easy to get around.  The Romans were amazing at building roads, they just didn’t spend a lot of time on road vs sidewalk height consistency.  It was, however, a really good tour and we got to see quite a lot.



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