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Buenos Dias Spain!

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Cartagena is warm, and welcoming.  It has a beautiful port, it’s like something out of a movie.  You disembark onto a lovely little marina area full of fancy sailboats and lined with palm trees.  You can tell a lot of time and energy is spent on beautifying the port.   It’s a very good first impression, that’s for sure.

The main shopping area from the port is one long road that takes about an hour if you slowly stroll.  At the end there is a playground, score!  The whole area is extremely clean, there’s not a speck of litter on the streets.  There is also a Roman theatre that you can access via the museum at the beginning of the shopping area (it’s on the right).  I didn’t know access was through the museum until I was told back on the ship, so we didn’t get to see it but it would be worth a look.

I was able to pull out some of my Sesame Street Spanish from decades ago when it used to be half an hour of English and half an hour of Spanish.  Does anyone remember that?  Menudo used to be on it!  Anyway, I was able to have a very broken Spanish conversation with a lovely lady at a children’s dress shop, and I bought far too much.  Gorgeous clothes though!

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Port of Cartegena, Spain

Port of Cartagena, Spain

The port leads to the main shopping district.

The port leads to the main shopping district.

Just lovely

Just lovely


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