Little Citizens of the World

Gibraltar, UK Territory

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How cool is this!  Africa is on the left and Europe on the right.  It was a little rainy this morning as we approached Gibraltar so the photo isn’t great.


Africa on the left, Europe on the right!

It really is a big rock!

It really is a big rock!

Gibraltar is a lot of fun, especially if you brave the crazy van drivers to drive you up to the top to see the famous Gibraltar apes.  There are also some really interesting caves, St. Michael’s Caves, that I took photos of but they don’t do them justice at all.  I need to take a photography course.


We weren’t exactly sure what this march was all about, but they sure looked serious!

So the Barbary Apes!  They are so cute!  The wander all over the top of the rock.  You aren’t allowed to touch them and it’s suggested that you don’t wear shiny jewelry or carry plastic bags.  I guess they like to pull jewelry and they know that there’s usually food in plastic bags, so they will grab them and run away.  The government feeds them to help avoid too much human/ape conflict and they also keep them updated with shots.  They are still wild animals though, so you have to use common sense when you spot them.  Most of the van drivers carry peanuts (a big no no) and will put them on your lap so the apes will climb onto you but when we got there, they had just been fed a huge basket of veggies.

IMG_0640 (2)

How sweet

How sweet

Gibraltar also has one of the most dangerous airports in the world.  As you can see in this photo, the highway crosses right over the runway!  So when a plane is taking off, or landing, you better make sure you don’t run the red light!

See the highway down there?  It goes right across the runway!

See the highway down there? It goes right across the runway!





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