Little Citizens of the World

Fuchal, Madeira

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Madeira is very pretty.  Again, we had to take a shuttle to a drop off location in town, as it was about a mile from the port.  It was a great little town to walk around in.  There were lots of shops selling lace, as that’s a big export.  We stopped into a few and I bought too much, as usual, and then we just wandered around.  To be honest, it was a little boring, unless you wanted to do a sit down lunch at an outdoor café.  The kids really needed more than that.  And as I was trying to think of what to say to keep them interested, suddenly Sky spotted a golden eagle!  Seriously!  There were 3 people from a wildlife sanctuary with a HUGE golden eagle and a little owl.  Sky loves eagles almost as much as lions and was desperate to get a picture with it.  It was so heavy, the men working with it had a metal pole they rested their arm on while holding it.  He let me feel it’s weight for a second and it was incredible, it must have weighed at least 30lbs.  Sparrow didn’t want any part of the eagle, but did hold the little owl.  That pretty much saved Madeira for them, and I was glad they had so much fun.  That was almost the highlight of their trip!








Pretty side street

Pretty side street

After the birds, we headed back to the pick up location.  While waiting for the bus to leave, Sky started to not feel well.  I thought it was a little motion sickness because the bus was vibrating.  I was wrong.  She ended up with a fever that night and stayed in from Club HAL.  It was a rough night.


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