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Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

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We anchored off Half Moon Cay early this morning.  The kids ate breakfast in the window and watched as we slowly made our way to the anchoring point.  We had to sail around a few little islands to get there, and they made lovely breakfast viewing.  Our window is pretty dirty by now so everything has a salty hue, but it looks worse through the camera lens than it did in actuality.


Bagels while we moor up

Half Moon Cay was originally called Little San Salvador Island, and it was very popular with pirates during the days of the real life pirates of the Caribbean.



We definitely had beach day on our minds, but I had planned a shore excursion first thing.  So at about 8am, we headed to the showroom to wait for our colour to be called for the tender boat.  When we were all on board, we cruised off into the little harbour that reminded me very much of the lagoon on Gilligan’s Island.  We got on our “bus” and headed off to the Stingray Adventure!  I know some people will think I’m nuts, but how cool is it to swim with stingrays?!  The kids got into wet suits and we all put on water shoes, donned masks and climbed down the stairs into the stingray area.  It’s actually open to the sea, so the rays can come and go as they please, (which I love!!) but they always come around in the mornings because they know there’s food.

They are stunning

They are stunning

The kids were both super nervous because of the waves and because the water at the bottom of the stairs was up to my chest.  As they can’t swim, I had to carry them back in to the shallows.  After some minor freaking out, I got Sky into the shallow water.  Sparrow was a bit more of an issue, she got a little panicky and decided she didn’t want to do it, not because of the rays, but because of the deep water.  It was slightly overcast, so the water looked cloudy and deep, I can see where she was coming from.  Anyway, a very nice passenger offered to lower her down to me from the pier which was about 2 feet above my head.  That worked and as soon as she was in the water, she was perfectly happy.



Most people on the excursion were swimming about, as I was with the kiddos, I was waiting for the rays to come to us.  Well they did!  They were everywhere!  It was so cool!!  Everyone was given a squid, which the girls found completely fascinating, and we waited our turn for the lady to help us hold it properly.  Sparrow decided she didn’t want to get that close but Sky rocked it!  She did great and I am so proud.

This sweet lady helped them get over their jitters

This sweet lady helped them get over their jitters

The kids took some warming up before they would touch them

The kids took some warming up before they would touch them.


At Sky's feet

At Sparrow’s feet


Showing their smile


Great job Sky!!

Great job Sky!!

After the stingray adventure, we got back in our open air “bus” and headed back to the beach.  It takes about 6 minutes.  We spent the rest of the day lounging and it was magic.  I rented a cabana for $15, it’s just a big half moon umbrella that comes with 2 lounge chairs.  Yes, I was in heaven.

Playing in the sand

Playing in the sand


Maasdam (rt) and Noordam

Maasdam (rt) and the much larger Noordam

We stayed on the beach until about 1:30 and then headed back for lunch.  It was a fantastic day and a great and relaxing end to a very long and exciting trip.  Tomorrow, we disembark in Fort Lauderdale and catch a taxi to the train station where we’ll get the overnight to Washington DC and transfer to an overnight to Boston.  It’s about 25 degrees in Boston right now, so that should be interesting.  Amtrak, as I mentioned in an earlier post, does not have any internet access, so I’ll post when we get to Boston.





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