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Goodbye Boston

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Bon voyage!  Goodbye America, we are Ireland bound!  Admittedly, we’re taking the long way, but it will certainly be exciting.  We definitely had a good omen as we were sailing away.  An Aer Lingus gave us a fly by!  Well no, it was just trying to land at Logan Airport, but I like to think it was a good luck fly by.

It feel so good to be back on a Holland ship, I can’t even tell you.  Everyone is incredibly kind and helpful.  The ships are all different, but so similar there’s not much time taken up with finding your way.  The food is unbelievable and the atmosphere is as casual or sophisticated as you wish to make it.

IMG_6201 (2)

Aer Lingus  landing at Logan Airport, Boston



Cruiseport Boston


That’s a lot of suitcases!  These were the ones unloaded from the previous cruise, ours are already in our rooms.


It’s slow going out of the harbour


Now let’s get something to eat!


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