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Corner Brook, New Foundland – Canada

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This is our first shore day!  I’ve been to the Canadian Maritime’s before, but this was the first time the kids have been.  When we came back from Australia in 2013, we stopped in Vancouver, BC.  So they’ve been to the far west coast of Canada, and now the far east coast.  I hope someday, they get to explore the middle a bit!

Corner Brook is a very small town, with not much to do or see.  It’s lovely, don’t get me wrong, it’s just a nice small town.  We walked quite a ways to get to town and ended up hanging out at the library for about an hour and a half before heading back to the ship.

I did notice, the grass everywhere was very long and full of wildflowers.  Even as we were walking along the busy road from the port to town, all you could smell were the sweet wildflowers.  I loved that it was like that.  Everything is so manicured back home, so strict, so reigned in.  It was nice to see the grass so tall and green like that, long enough to blow gently back and forth in the wind.  Yes, I liked it.


Corner Brook library


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