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Red Bay, Labrador – Canada

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It’s 52F right now at 8am and we’re 1000 nautical miles from Boston.  It’s very foggy and has been since we started up north.  The fog horn blew all night, which was so amazing, just like home.

The kids are still sleeping and breakfast will be here soon.  We always order breakfast because, we generally have the same thing and it’s always super busy in the lido in the mornings, especially on a shore day.  Besides, the kids like to eat in their pj’s, then get ready for Club HAL.  It’s especially convenient, with the time changes, to have breakfast delivered.

UPDATE:  Okay, so we’re back from Red Bay now.  We had a fun time.  There’s not really anything to do, but it’s nice to get out on land and walk on real dirt and smell real grass when you’re on a ship for many days.  It was drizzly the whole time, but it helped keep the black flies down, they’re quite bad.  Sparrow is a magnet for bugs and has two welts on her neck from the flies.

So, we took a little walk to the top of a nearby hill, took a few photos, and hit the souvenir shop, before hoping the tender back to the Veendam  Sky got a little stuffed humpback whale and Sparrow got a stuffed wolf, I got the required magnet and Christmas ornament.  The best part of this stop, was the enormous iceberg blocking the harbour.  It was massive!  I’ll post a photo, but it won’t do justice.  I had taken a few photos of it as we passed by it on the tender, but it was raining pretty steadily, so the windows were too wet for a good shot.


The tenders load right below our window!



This is the view inside the lifeboat.  The man in the centre with his head out the top is our captain.  He can’t see through the condensation, so he keeps standing up to look out the hatch while steering.



I know that iceberg looks small, but I’m telling you, it’s huge!


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