Little Citizens of the World

Prince Christian Sound, Greenland

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I’m just going to let the photos speak for themselves.  This was incredible.  I was on deck for hours, just staring at the landscape.  Absolutely breathtaking.



Just to give you some perspective, there are two fishing boats in the water there.



A passenger said, as we were taking photos, “it’s a full body experience”.  It’s so true, the photos don’t even do it justice.



If you told me Lord Of The Rings was filmed here, I’d believe you.


When we came out of the sound into open water, it was no less spectacular.  For miles all around was a massive ice field.  According to the ships TV channel, we were moving at 4kts.  Slowly we approached the first large iceberg and as we hit it, it made a sound like a huge bell being struck.  The whole ship shuttered and the 300+ people out on the various decks collectively went, “Woah!”.  After that, the ship slowed to 2kts.  It took most of the day to get through the icefield, gently nudging the icebergs out of the way.


Keep in mind, I’m about 12 decks up.  The people on the bow are (I believe) 7 decks up.



I saw a movie like this once.  It didn’t end well.



That’s a seal swimming around in there!


This little seal wasn’t too sure about our ship and kept inching closer and closer to the water.  He finally couldn’t take the anxiety, and dove in.




The Club HAL girls brought the kids out to see the ice field.  Sparrow gave me a quick wave before running back to her friends.  This is looking back towards the Sound.


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