Little Citizens of the World

Reykjavik, Iceland

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Due to some more than moderate seas last night, we had to slow to decrease chances of damaging the hull.  We weren’t expected to reach Reykjavik until noon, but things calmed and we were able to make up the time and dock by 7:30am.  Nice job, Captain!

So we are here, and it’s really pretty awesome.  We had a shore excursion this morning to the Blue Lagoon and it was HEAVEN!!!


I guess I had never thought about it before, but I didn’t realise Iceland was made up of volcanic rock, the same way Hawaii is.  So on the bus ride to the Blue Lagoon, the landscape was like something out of a lunar landing.


After the lagoon, we headed into town and enjoyed walking around the city and doing some shopping.  Reykjavik is a very beautiful city and spotless!  The people are pleasant and everyone we met spoke English fluently. Sky bought a wooden viking shield, Sparrow bought a puffin hat with ear flaps.


We’re here on an overnight, so not leaving until 12:30 tomorrow afternoon.  I’d thought about staying out a bit and maybe grabbing a bite to eat in town, but the girls were desperate to get to Club HAL, so we were back onboard by late afternoon.



Running to get to Club HAL after dinner.


This is 11:20pm.  The sun is only just setting.



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