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Almost Djupivogur, Iceland

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We were supposed to stop in Djupivogur today, but as it’s a tender port, and the weather is not very good, the captain has announced that we’ll be skipping it and carrying on to Geiranger, Norway.  He says that the tenders won’t be able to dock as it’s to rocky by shore, and that there’s not enough for the ships anchor to hold on to, to keep the ship steady while passengers are getting on and off lifeboats from the ships platform.  Apparently, there’s going to be some very bad weather coming up towards Iceland, so it’s better that we get going and try to keep ahead of it.

I had to get Sky from Club HAL tonight, she just wasn’t feeling it.  It’s so much rockier at the top of the ship anyway, than down where we are.  When I went up to get her, the ship tracking channel said we were having winds of 50kts.  They’re supposed to decrease as the night goes on.  Fingers crossed.


It’s not very clear, but this is the channel you can watch 24/7 that gives the ships position, temperature, wind speed, etc.  It’s very helpful.




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