Little Citizens of the World

Geiranger, Norway

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This is a tender port (life boats to shore).  We entered the fjord very early this morning, approximately 6:30am, but we’ve had so many time changes, it feels so much earlier than that.  We’ve actually had two 1 hour time changes in two days, so yeah.  So I did get up and have a look out the window around 7am, but there was no way I was heading out on deck.

Luckily, this is a very, very tiny little stop, so we were able to get a tender at 11:45am and, although it was sprinkling down rain pretty steadily, we had a nice walk round.  My pictures simply can’t do justice to the immensity of the walls of this incredible fjord.  They are so unbelievably tall, and the waterfalls look like they’re coming down in slow motion, they’re so high up.  Because we didn’t have a shore excursion, we just did the souvenir shops that are right at the dock, of course.  We did stop into a small grocery shop and low and behold…..SMARTIES!!!!  They don’t have Smarties in the US.  Well, not the same kind they have in Europe.  American Smarties are those little tart things you get at Halloween.  European Smarties are like M&M’s, but as Hershey is not big in Europe, they have their own brand.  Personally, I prefer M&M’s, but the girls LOVE Smarties.

IMG_67561 (2)


For anyone who may have thought that Norway wasn’t a place for gourmet cuisine, check out this squeeze tube bacon we found!  Now with 50% more bacon!!

IMG_6755 (2)



That orange boat is a tender coming back, while we’re going out.


It’s so much more amazing in real life.


We are standing at the end of the fjord.

Later that day, the girls enjoyed a snack while watching the crew oil the lifeboat cables.


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