Little Citizens of the World

Bergen, Norway

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I keep forgetting that my version of a big city is very different from the European version.  I think LA or New York, but European cities are much older, much more artistic in their architecture and, for the most part, don’t have massively tall skyscrapers blotting out the landscape.

I have heard of Bergen before, I knew it was a big city, but it’s sort of not.  I mean it’s a major metropolitan European city, but it’s got a small town local charm that I adore.

It was a little windy and 57F when we got off the ship, There’s a bit of a walk from the cruise terminal to the waterfront, but it’s enjoyable.  The shops along the water are very old and no more than 3 stories high.  There are lots of shops and restaurants too.  We walked around a bit, stopping at almost every souvenir shop we passed by, and were back onboard for a late lunch in the lido.  It’s a very pleasant waterfront with lots to see and do.  We didn’t have any shore excursions, so we enjoyed the stroll and headed back.


Waterfront shopping and resaurants


This was taken from behind the waterfront shops



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