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I love Cork City

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With the exception of my own beautiful island, no place else on earth feels as much like home as Cork City does.  If it weren’t for the politics of visas and residency restrictions, I would live there forever.

We love the south side, we’re true south-siders, but on this trip, our first few weeks were spend on the north side, by the Shandon tower.  You can go up inside the tower and ring the bells and they can be heard all over town.  They even have playlists, so sometimes it’s Over The Rainbow and other times it’s Abba’s Fernando.  No kidding, I’ve heard it a few times.  So I’d get up in the morning, open my window and listen to these bells every morning while I have my tea.  It was like living in some kind of fairy land.  After about 3 weeks, however, I was instead waking up to these beautiful bells thinking, “don’t those people know what time it is!!!”  Ha ha!  Well, what can I say.


Shandon clock tower

IMG_6997 (2)

It’s a steep, but delightful, downhill to get to the city centre


A Saturday farmers market


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