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Cobh (pronounced cove) is a short train ride from Cork City.  We went for the day to visit the Titanic museum, go to Lord Goulsley’s Manor (a Halloween special event) and to walk around the town where some of my ancestors left Ireland for Prince Edward Island, Canada way back in the 1800’s.

IMG_7599 (2)

Lovely waterfront area

There was a very cold, and consistent wind coming off the ocean and I hadn’t brought Sky’s fleece, (always wear a fleece under your raincoat in Ireland) so I gave her my raincoat to keep out the wind and I tried not to shiver too much in front of her.

The Titanic museum looks like a very small building, but it’s huge inside (like the Tardis).  Cobh was the last stop the Titanic made before heading off to America on it’s first and final voyage.  The museum has lots of neat things in it, photos, luggage, short videos, a Morse code machine where kids can type out the last message sent by Titanic.  The kids really liked that the entry ticket has the name of a passenger that they can find details on as they walk through the museum.  There is also information on Lusitania that is very interesting.


The Morse code machine

We had a great time at Ghoulsley’s Manor, the kids had a blast, it was very well done.  I don’t have pictures because, I notice a lot that Irish people don’t take pictures of everything like American’s do.  They are almost never seen on a smart phone, they are just in the moment.  So I felt like taking pictures would have ruined the vibe, especially as I would have needed to use my flash.  It was fantastically done though, and if we’re here for Halloween again, I would definitely go back.  Lord Ghoulsley’s Manor

Afterwards, we took a taxi back into town and stopped for fish and chips before getting back on the train and heading home.  It was a wonderful day out and I’d definitely recommend visiting this little seaside village.

IMG_7612 (2)

Beautiful colours


St Coleman’s Cathedral


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