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We’re taking the Queen Mary II back to the US.  I’ve been on this ship once before, and I swore I wouldn’t take it again because of our terrible experience.  The staff members were rude to me, like rolling their eyes and mumbling under their breath rude, the Lido restaurant was terrible, the options were non existent.  The girls lived on rolls for a week and I’m not exaggerating. As a parent, that was really upsetting.  However, we have no choice in the matter this time, as we are limited on time and needed to make a move before our visas ran out.  So I decided to give it another shot.  Maybe it was just a bad run before.

The weather’s been less than favourable, but it is October.  Today is the first calm day in 2 days, and there are still white caps out there.  Sky wouldn’t even try going to Kids Zone, it’s been so bad.  You know things are going to only get worse, when you see sick bag stands beside all the lifts!

Yesterday, while having breakfast, the captain came over the intercom to tell us the conditions.  He said overnight, we had sustained winds of 95mph with gusts of 110mph!!  There were also some broken windows, so all weather decks are closed off.  I’m so glad we all slept through that!

For the rest of Sunday, winds were between 50-60mph and both kids called out sick after only 45 minutes in Kids Zone.  We spent the rest of the day in our room with room service (which was WAY better than the Lido), Sky napped for 4 hours, and I turned out the lights at 8:30pm.  Of course, we’ve had 3 time changes already, so it felt like 11:30pm.

Today things have calmed down quite a bit.  Winds are only about 5mph, it’s foggy and drizzling but the kids are back at Kids Zone and feeling good!


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