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House buying

So, as soon as I wrote the title, I thought I’d better change it to ‘Home buying’, because it not only sounds better, it’s what people actually say.  It sounds more natural, more personal.  I left it the way I wrote it originally because, for me, this is just a means to an end and, subconsciously, I don’t think I’m feeling the attachment.  Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY happy to be buying a house for my family, and feel truly grateful to be able to do that, but my greatest desire is to get back to Ireland as soon as financially possible.

We have had most of our life in storage since 2012, when we went to Australia, and it will be wonderful to see all of those goodies again.  I’m sure most of it will go to donations as there will be tons of clothes that are years too small and toys that will also be long outgrown.  But it will be lovely to see our things again.  I’m not a minimalist by any stretch of the imagination.  I want, as Maureen O’Hara says in the film The Quiet Man, “my own things about me”.  I can’t wait to get all of those boxes out of storage and go through them, finding places to put them, it will be fantastic.

However, the house we are putting an offer in, is small at 1300 sqft.  That may not be small to some, but it is for someone who has, about 11,000 sqft of stuff!  I can’t wait to get settled and just take a huge deep breath.  It won’t last long though, I want to get it ready to be rented out by summer of 2017, so we can get back to Ireland.  Why did I buy a house on Cape Cod just to leave it for Ireland?  Because although my heart belongs to Ireland, my family live on Martha’s Vineyard, and this will give us the security of knowing there will always be a place for us close to home, if we need it.