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Florida, here we come!

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Amtrak from Boston to Fort Lauderdale is an overnight trip.  My brother drove us up to Boston where we stayed in a hotel for the night, so we could be at South Station for the 9:30am train.


South Station Boston

As you can see in the below image, I’ve packed light again.  The entire left side is ours, and on the right, everything from the orange zuca bag to the seats is ours as well.  Three small suitcases, two attached shoulder bags, two zuca bags, two scooters, one guitar, one violin and an arm full of winter coats.


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I never travel without this book!


A girl and her guitar


A little Plants vs Zombies for the trip.

IMG_9853 (2)

Coming into NYC

We changed trains in NYC and got into our sleeper car.  Lucky for us it was a family sized car and not the little tiny, bunk space only, cabin that I was expecting.  We never would have fit!



There’s a super tiny bathroom across from the scooters.  And to my left is a small sink that shoots water everywhere whenever you try to use it.

I realised the next morning that in my rush to get all of our bags off the train at Penn Station, that I had somehow left my brand new, long down coat on the train.  Of course I called Boston, NYC and DC (where that train terminated) and no one had any idea where it had gone, even though I knew exactly where I was sitting.

Food on the train is not very nice, but it’s not any worse than a fast food restaurant.  Actually, that’s pretty gross.  But it’s edible, and it’s only for a short while.  The best thing about the train trip was Sky could eat in the dining car and not get motion sick.  In the past, we’ve had to keep the curtains closed and order our food in our cabin, but this time we not only got to eat in the dining car, but she had fun pushing the automatic doors with her foot as we went through several cars to get to our meals.

I had them change into shorts and tshirts as it got later in the day.  We arrived in Fort Lauderdale about an hour late, around 7pm.  It was still plenty bright and boy, was it hot.


We got a cab to our hotel, the Hilton Marina.  It was NOT worth the crazy amount of money I paid!  The pool was gorgeous, the room was your basic Holiday Inn style (I like Holiday Inn), although the cracked sink and mildewed tub were not up to Holiday Inn’s cleanliness.  I’ve never stayed at a Hilton, I chose it because it was across from the cruise terminal, and I thought we’d be able to walk (no way, too hot).  I should have listened to the reviews on trip advisor.  I actually had the room that had photos posted about the sink and tub!!  So really, don’t waste your money on the Hilton, stay somewhere else and spend the money shopping!

Oh, there was also a massive cockroach in our bathroom.  The kids were terrified to take a shower.  Later that night, I got up to go to the bathroom and almost stepped on it as it ran across the bedroom floor and under the bedside table.  I know cockroaches are a Florida thing, but gross!!!


The beautiful pool was it’s only saving grace.




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