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Almost Djupivogur, Iceland

We were supposed to stop in Djupivogur today, but as it’s a tender port, and the weather is not very good, the captain has announced that we’ll be skipping it and carrying on to Geiranger, Norway.  He says that the tenders won’t be able to dock as it’s to rocky by shore, and that there’s not enough for the ships anchor to hold on to, to keep the ship steady while passengers are getting on and off lifeboats from the ships platform.  Apparently, there’s going to be some very bad weather coming up towards Iceland, so it’s better that we get going and try to keep ahead of it.

I had to get Sky from Club HAL tonight, she just wasn’t feeling it.  It’s so much rockier at the top of the ship anyway, than down where we are.  When I went up to get her, the ship tracking channel said we were having winds of 50kts.  They’re supposed to decrease as the night goes on.  Fingers crossed.


It’s not very clear, but this is the channel you can watch 24/7 that gives the ships position, temperature, wind speed, etc.  It’s very helpful.




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Reykjavik, Iceland

Due to some more than moderate seas last night, we had to slow to decrease chances of damaging the hull.  We weren’t expected to reach Reykjavik until noon, but things calmed and we were able to make up the time and dock by 7:30am.  Nice job, Captain!

So we are here, and it’s really pretty awesome.  We had a shore excursion this morning to the Blue Lagoon and it was HEAVEN!!!


I guess I had never thought about it before, but I didn’t realise Iceland was made up of volcanic rock, the same way Hawaii is.  So on the bus ride to the Blue Lagoon, the landscape was like something out of a lunar landing.


After the lagoon, we headed into town and enjoyed walking around the city and doing some shopping.  Reykjavik is a very beautiful city and spotless!  The people are pleasant and everyone we met spoke English fluently. Sky bought a wooden viking shield, Sparrow bought a puffin hat with ear flaps.


We’re here on an overnight, so not leaving until 12:30 tomorrow afternoon.  I’d thought about staying out a bit and maybe grabbing a bite to eat in town, but the girls were desperate to get to Club HAL, so we were back onboard by late afternoon.



Running to get to Club HAL after dinner.


This is 11:20pm.  The sun is only just setting.


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Prince Christian Sound, Greenland

I’m just going to let the photos speak for themselves.  This was incredible.  I was on deck for hours, just staring at the landscape.  Absolutely breathtaking.



Just to give you some perspective, there are two fishing boats in the water there.



A passenger said, as we were taking photos, “it’s a full body experience”.  It’s so true, the photos don’t even do it justice.



If you told me Lord Of The Rings was filmed here, I’d believe you.


When we came out of the sound into open water, it was no less spectacular.  For miles all around was a massive ice field.  According to the ships TV channel, we were moving at 4kts.  Slowly we approached the first large iceberg and as we hit it, it made a sound like a huge bell being struck.  The whole ship shuttered and the 300+ people out on the various decks collectively went, “Woah!”.  After that, the ship slowed to 2kts.  It took most of the day to get through the icefield, gently nudging the icebergs out of the way.


Keep in mind, I’m about 12 decks up.  The people on the bow are (I believe) 7 decks up.



I saw a movie like this once.  It didn’t end well.



That’s a seal swimming around in there!


This little seal wasn’t too sure about our ship and kept inching closer and closer to the water.  He finally couldn’t take the anxiety, and dove in.




The Club HAL girls brought the kids out to see the ice field.  Sparrow gave me a quick wave before running back to her friends.  This is looking back towards the Sound.

IMG_6309 (2)

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Qaqortoq, Greenland

Greenland?  Who goes to Greenland?

We do!

It’s so hard to believe that last week we were baking in the sun on the Island, and today, we’re wearing fleece jackets and it’s 39F!  Welcome to Qaqortoq, Greenland!

So let’s be honest, there’s not a whole heck of a lot to do in Greenland, but the people selling crafts are so kind and the village is beautiful.  They do gorgeous bead work crafts here, there was a beautiful Christmas ornament that I loved.  When I asked the price conversion to US dollars I almost died.  $75 for a beaded ornament.  I know it takes a lot of time to make, but I couldn’t afford that, so just the magnet at this stop.

A very sweet woman who was selling her bead work gave each of the girls a beaded necklace, it was so kind.  She didn’t speak English and I was so grateful, I didn’t know what to say to thank her.  Of course she understood, gratitude needs no words, but still, it was just so tender of her to give them something for free that she had spent time making.

We did a little loop around the village and walked along the dock before getting a tender back to the ship for lunch.  It was a brilliant day.

IMG_6309 (2)IMG_6310IMG_6317


The grass is so long and green!


Wildflowers everywhere



The tenders go back and forth all day bringing passengers to and from the ship.



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Red Bay, Labrador – Canada

It’s 52F right now at 8am and we’re 1000 nautical miles from Boston.  It’s very foggy and has been since we started up north.  The fog horn blew all night, which was so amazing, just like home.

The kids are still sleeping and breakfast will be here soon.  We always order breakfast because, we generally have the same thing and it’s always super busy in the lido in the mornings, especially on a shore day.  Besides, the kids like to eat in their pj’s, then get ready for Club HAL.  It’s especially convenient, with the time changes, to have breakfast delivered.

UPDATE:  Okay, so we’re back from Red Bay now.  We had a fun time.  There’s not really anything to do, but it’s nice to get out on land and walk on real dirt and smell real grass when you’re on a ship for many days.  It was drizzly the whole time, but it helped keep the black flies down, they’re quite bad.  Sparrow is a magnet for bugs and has two welts on her neck from the flies.

So, we took a little walk to the top of a nearby hill, took a few photos, and hit the souvenir shop, before hoping the tender back to the Veendam  Sky got a little stuffed humpback whale and Sparrow got a stuffed wolf, I got the required magnet and Christmas ornament.  The best part of this stop, was the enormous iceberg blocking the harbour.  It was massive!  I’ll post a photo, but it won’t do justice.  I had taken a few photos of it as we passed by it on the tender, but it was raining pretty steadily, so the windows were too wet for a good shot.


The tenders load right below our window!



This is the view inside the lifeboat.  The man in the centre with his head out the top is our captain.  He can’t see through the condensation, so he keeps standing up to look out the hatch while steering.



I know that iceberg looks small, but I’m telling you, it’s huge!

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Corner Brook, New Foundland – Canada

This is our first shore day!  I’ve been to the Canadian Maritime’s before, but this was the first time the kids have been.  When we came back from Australia in 2013, we stopped in Vancouver, BC.  So they’ve been to the far west coast of Canada, and now the far east coast.  I hope someday, they get to explore the middle a bit!

Corner Brook is a very small town, with not much to do or see.  It’s lovely, don’t get me wrong, it’s just a nice small town.  We walked quite a ways to get to town and ended up hanging out at the library for about an hour and a half before heading back to the ship.

I did notice, the grass everywhere was very long and full of wildflowers.  Even as we were walking along the busy road from the port to town, all you could smell were the sweet wildflowers.  I loved that it was like that.  Everything is so manicured back home, so strict, so reigned in.  It was nice to see the grass so tall and green like that, long enough to blow gently back and forth in the wind.  Yes, I liked it.


Corner Brook library

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Goodbye Boston

Bon voyage!  Goodbye America, we are Ireland bound!  Admittedly, we’re taking the long way, but it will certainly be exciting.  We definitely had a good omen as we were sailing away.  An Aer Lingus gave us a fly by!  Well no, it was just trying to land at Logan Airport, but I like to think it was a good luck fly by.

It feel so good to be back on a Holland ship, I can’t even tell you.  Everyone is incredibly kind and helpful.  The ships are all different, but so similar there’s not much time taken up with finding your way.  The food is unbelievable and the atmosphere is as casual or sophisticated as you wish to make it.

IMG_6201 (2)

Aer Lingus  landing at Logan Airport, Boston



Cruiseport Boston


That’s a lot of suitcases!  These were the ones unloaded from the previous cruise, ours are already in our rooms.


It’s slow going out of the harbour


Now let’s get something to eat!