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Vatican City

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We got up early to get the #40 bus to Vatican City.  It was very easy and we got out right outside St. Peter’s Square.  The square is enormous.  We went in to St. Peter’s Basilica and walked all through it with our heads facing the ceilings.  The walls are so tall and the paintings are amazing, you can’t take your eyes off of them.



I am not religious, but this is a place everyone should see, no matter what beliefs you have or don’t have.  The human history and awe inspiring art is something you can’t find anyplace else.  Now, I have to be honest, the only thing I really knew about was the Sistine Chapel and I wanted to see it.  I had no idea there were miles and miles of corridors lined with extravagant paintings.  I thought the Sistine Chapel was the main attraction because the ceiling is so famous.  What I didn’t know, is the Sistine Chapel is in a basement, and it’s not a huge room, it’s not small but I was expecting bigger.  It is incredible and something I’ll never forget.  Unfortunately, you can’t take pictures in there because the flash can damage the paint.  The lights are also dimmed.  So if you go, you’ll have to buy the postcard!





I would say that by the time we left the Vatican, we had walked about 4 miles.  My feet were killing me.  We went back to our hotel.  We had to move to a different hotel jst around the corner because we couldn’t get a room for 3 two nights in a row.  I actually liked the second hotel more, it was old and beautiful and had a much more historic feel.  It was also steps from the Pantheon.  We went into the Pantheon later that night after a trip to an awesome toy store in the Piazza Navona and some dinner.  It’s so amazing that these buildings were built by the Romans!  The Roman’s that I learned about in school!  These places aren’t just pictures in a text book, they’re actually here!

Fiumi Fountain, Piazza Navona

Fiumi Fountain, Piazza Navona

Street performer, Piazza Navona

Street performer, Piazza Navona




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